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About Us

Muhammad Munir Muhammad Ahmed Khanani Securities Limited caters to renowned corporate and retail clients, financial institutions and high net worth individuals, providing them with a wide range of premier brokerage and financial services in the field of equity brokerage. Muhammad Munir Muhammad Ahmed Khanani laid the foundation of a brokerage house in 1998. This brokerage house attained the level of a Private Limited Company under the Companies Ordinance,

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Business Consulting

Our business consulting services can help you adapt to new market dynamics and devise strategies to develop business skills and knowledge.

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We are renowned for our work in securities brokerage with 35 years of expertise and knowledge.



Our mobile app is another initiative of ours to make a mark on the digital front and make sure that the whole process of acquiring shares becomes much convenient and effective for our clients.


We have also launched a research portal to probe into the changing realms of the stock exchange and bring about a change in these trends. Clients can be on-trend with all the changing norms of the Stock Exchange.


We have also launched  web platform which is a more safer secure and reliable online trading web based platform and one of the Industry’s best trading platform. It gives you maximum trading convenience.








Our online software also features an online client reports portal that provides reports about client performance in the stock…


ONLINE ANALYTICS Pakistan’s End Financial Analytics Platform Covering All Companies Listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange exclusively available to our…

Mr. Muhammad Munir Khanani


Mr. Muhammad Munir Khanani, the CEO of our firm, is the man behind all we have achieved in all these years. With a career spanning over 35 years, he holds remarkable expertise in the field of Securities Brokerage.



Mr. Muhammad Munir Khanani has great proficiency in establishing successful business organizations and taking new startup ventures to heights of efficient brokerage. Some highlights of his achievements are as under:

• Mr. Munir Khanani is currently the Vice President of Stock Broker Association.
• He started off his career by serving as an executive, imparting his expertise in few local brokerages and financial institutions.
• He served the Pakistan Stock Exchange diligently on various positions for many years.

These include:
Director – Pakistan Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd. Chairman – Arbitration Committee, Pakistan Stock Exchange Committee Member – Margin Financing Product

• He also lent his services as Director of Arbitration Department in Karachi Stock Exchange.
Mr. Munir Khanani is one of the most active members of the Exchange, presiding over a team of experienced professionals and overseeing all arenas of brokerage, including equity sales and marketing. With this vast industry experience spanning over decades, he has an earnest desire to add on to the meshwork of retail investors and make the capital markets of Pakistan accessible to all sorts of retail investments. Aiming to take his company to unfathomable heights, Mr. Khanani is burning the midnight oil to progress by leaps and bounds, thus taking brokerage to an all new level. Together with his extraordinary team full of spirit and tenacity of purpose, he is leaving no stone unturned to make Muhammad Munir Muhammad Ahmed Khanani Securities Limited the most reputable brokerage house in Pakistan.


We are a bunch of exuberant professionals who are committed to providing our clients solutions to all their financial problems and make trading an experience they cherish, thus boosting their trade performance on all levels. We envision a stock brokerage that is Pakistan’s best and most trusted one. Our experiential performance for the past 35 years has enabled us to build a reputation in the market that is worth an applaud. Our mission is to provide our clients with executable ideas, thus winning over their trust and value. We as a financial solution provider make sure to deliver services that take our clients up a notch. These include execution, settlement, research and risk management to soar our clients to heights unlimited.

We abide by moral values of honesty and transparency in our dealings, thus ensuring value for money to our target market. We adhere to all legal and social norms of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and leave no stone unturned to instill our confidence among the clients and add value to their businesses. With a vision to grow their investments, we have a valued brand equity among our valued clients.

As echoed by our corporate values, we understand the importance of integrity and commitment to the client and believe that success comes from having a long term vision, especially when it comes to relationship building. We thus aim to meet and surpass your expectations by providing a secure, comfortable, and reliable investment environment. I invite you to browse  our website and discover who we are and learn more fully how we can advance your investment and business needs. In this spirit, thank you for selecting us as your broker of choice and all the best in your future trading.

Taking brokerage to a new level,
Yours Truly,
Muhammad Munir Muhammad Ahmed Khanani

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Mohammad Munir Mohammad Ahmed Khanani Securities now introduce online digital account opening form.
The requirement to open this account is:
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• Proof of Employment
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• Zakat Declaration (optional)
• Proof of Relationship (optional)

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